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着任の挨拶 Malcolm H. Field

International Education, Science & Health Communication, Technology, Culture & Learning もっと詳しく知りたい方はこちら

Tokyo’s cherry blossoms make a refreshing change from the winter blues, especially for someone like me who lives in Hokkaido where the snow falls from late November through March. I will teach several courses in the Social Science Faculty this year through English, including International Relations and Cultural Theory. I encourage those who want to improve either their language or who want to discuss international or cultural issues further to enrol - even if you are a student from Foreign Languages or Health.

In my Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge I focused on Japanese culture, learning and technology. Prior to joining the Kyorin team in Social Sciences I worked at Future University Hakodate, which is a technology-focused university. My research there was focused on communicating Science and Health concepts through technology, especially animation, to elementary school students. I hoped to provide examples of effective pedagogy, and improve interest and knowledge in science and health whilst at the same time improving the way technology is used to communicate to young people. Some examples can be found at and
I am convinced an education that provides a global focus and experiences is an essential component of any professional’s portfolio. All major companies in Japan are finally realising the necessity. We can no longer afford to exist isolated from others in the world. Too many critical events happen every day, each influencing our lives in ways we may not even realise. This butterfly effect will only increase in the future, especially as technology becomes more ubiquitous, economies more interlinked, conflicts more threatening, and environmental resources further dwindling. From education to entertainment, from communication to computer science, from science to social science, from Africa to America we must understand our connectivity. As part of Kyorin’s global initiative I hope to help create that educational experience for your futures.

Finally, I want to challenge you to get involved with the community, an internship or an ODA program. Don’t leave your dreams wait until the 3rd or 4th year: it might be too late. Create the future you want.