項目名 内容
教員名 Malcolm H. Field
教員名フリガナ マルコム フィールド
職位 教授
研究テーマ・分野 International Education, Science & Health Communication, Technology, Culture & Learning
担当科目(学部) Cultural Theory, International Relations
略歴 Waseda University, ILT 2001/4-2004/3
Future University Hakodate 2003/4-2013/3
Hokkaido University of Education (Adjunct) 2005/4-2008/3
Waseda University, School of Liberal Studies (Adjunct) 2008/4-
Kyorin University, Faculty of Social Science, 2013/4-
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Field, M.H. (2009). Learning Across Specializations: Possibility, Lessons and More Questions, International Journal of Learning, Vol. 16/3, p.59-68
所属学会 Member, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education; Fellow, The Academy of Political Science, USA; Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society
メールアドレス marukomu@
ひとことメッセージ Most people who say that it can't be done have not really tried.