About the Global Human Resources Development Program

 Devoted to the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, Kyorin University is committed to nurturing talented people of high character dedicated to helping others and serving society.

 Working with an eye forward reaching this goal, the university applied for and was awarded a grant under the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's FY2012 Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development (now the Go Global Japan project).

 Having been selected as one of Japan's “Global 30 Plus” universities, Kyorin University is moving forward with efforts to educate people who will make a big difference in the global community. In harvesting the fruits of these efforts, we look forward to sharing them and spreading their seeds not only within the university community but across academia, the local community, the nation, and the world.

Message from the President

Yutaka Atomi M.D., Ph.D.
President of Kyorin University

 The world is becoming more and more globalized every day. When I think of the paths our students will take after graduating, I feel the urgent need to equip them while they are still studying here with the kinds of skills they will need to succed it in this ever-changing world. That's why we are committed to an educational philosophy of nurturing talented people of high character dedicated to helping others and serving society. The Faculty of Foreign Studies provides curricula designed to help students acquire practical language and communication skills, while the Faculty of Social Sciences focuses on cultivating the ability to understand the complex international world from an interdisciplinary perspective. Then there are the Faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine, boasting programs that enable students to cultivate the ability to work with organizations around the world and provide humanitarian aid wherever it is needed. On top of all this the university also provides students with opportunities to study in Europe, the U.S., Oceania, China, South Korea, and elsewhere.
 At Kyorin University we are moving forward to fulfill the school’s mission of developing human resources by equipping our students with tools they can utilize in a more globalized future.

Outstanding Language Skills

Training Trilingual Professionals for Leadership

 “Excellent language skills” means the kind of language proficiency needed to take charge and get the job done right. We provide students with a world of opportunities to help them acquire practical language skills. These include our original practical language programs (CIC, PEP, etc.) featuring small class settings, as well as Chinese and English language salons where students can chat with native speakers. Students can also interact with students from prestigious universities in China, use e-learning and simultaneous interpreting systems, as well as watch BBC, CNN, CCTV (China's state-run TV network), and more any time they want.

Winning Negotiating Skills

Developing the Persistence and Knack for Win-Win Negotiations

 A confident negotiator with a keen eye for reading the cultural landscape possesses the ability to maneuver on an even playing field and deliver innovative solutions. Classes in the Faculty of Social Sciences, including International Relations, Politics in Asia, etc., along with case-study seminars, which employ the problem-based learning (PBL) approach by simulating real world scenarios, offer learning tools that enable students to hone their ability to communicate effectively as well as root out and solve problems' skills that no ordinary language proficiency test can assess. After students have completed a study-abroad program or their graduate thesis, they are required to give presentations or reports in either Chinese or English. Their academic progress is then evaluated on the basis of their ability to respond to questions from native speakers.

Studying and Training Abroad

Developing Advanced Language and Communication Skills along with the Ability to Adapt to Different Cultures

 Studying abroad is key to training students to become winning negotiators equipped with excellent language skills who are ready to play an active role in the global arena. At Kyorin University we do everything possible to give students the opportunity, and study abroad. That includes financial assistance via our unique scholarship and tuition reduction programs to an outstanding program that provides a helping hand at every step in their overseas educational journey. Designed to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed of globally competent professionals, Kyorin's Active Studying Abroad Program (ASAP) assists students throughout their entire undergraduate careers, providing fine-tuned guidance and support from expert advisors before, during, and after their international learning experience.