International Programs

International Programs

Reciprocal Exchange Program
This is a one-year study abroad program at one of our partner universities. A Kyorin student studies at one of our overseas partner universities while an exchange student from that school studies at Kyorin.
One-Way Exchange and Semester Abroad Programs
Students spend a year or half year (one semester) studying abroad at a partner school or other institution.
Medium-Term Study Abroad
Students enrolled in a Kyorin-designated program can study abroad for three months or longer.
Direct-Enroll Study Abroad
Students who are not enrolled in any of the above programs can study abroad at their own expense. They simply need to submit a separate application that must be approved before participating.
Learning Abroad
The university offers spring and summer programs designed to provide students with opportunities to gain international experience through language training, various activities, and internships overseas.

Wide Range of International Programs

 Kyorin University offers a wide range of international study programs running from three months to a year. These include a reciprocal exchange program, a one-way exchange program, a semester abroad program, and more.
 Students can select the location and length of stay best suited to their needs and abilities.
There are many destinations to choose from, including locations across China, the U.K., Australia, other English-speaking countries, as well as Southeast Asia, and more on a list that is continually growing.
 The university also offers two-week to month-long overseas language courses and multicultural learning experiences during the school’s summer and spring breaks.

Kyorin University's International Programs (FY2016)

United Kingdom
Chichester College, 4 months / 6 months
Oxford Intensive Program, 3 months/ 5 months
Oxford Learning Abroad Program, 3 weeks
University of Brighton Learning Abroad Program (Faculty of Health Sciences), 2 weeks
University of California, Irvine, 6 months
Los Angeles Learning Abroad Program, 2 weeks
Texas A&M University Internship, 3 weeks
Regis College(Faculty of Health Sciences) 9 days
Portland State University 5months
University of Victoria, 4 months
University of Toronto, 4 months
Learning Abroad Program in Vancouver (Faculty of Health Sciences), 2 weeks
Beijing International Studies University, 5 months/ 11 months
Beijing Language and Culture University, 11 months
Beijing Foreign Studies University, 11 months
Hebei University, 11 months
Shanghai International Studies University, 5 months/ 11 months
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, 5 months/ 11 months
Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 9 months
Taiwan National Chengchi University, 12 months
Practical Training in Taiwan, 4 days
Korea University, 11 months
Hanseo University, 11 months
Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, 4 months
Learning Abroad Program in Thailand, 1 week
Khon Kaen University 4 months
Internship, 4 weeks
University of Wollongong, 9 months
Deakin University, 6 months / 11 months
The University of Queensland, 9 days / 4 months
Newcastle University, 3 weeks
University of the Sunshine coast 5 months / 11 months
University of South Australia 5 months
New Zealand
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology English Language/Volunteering/Internship, 3 months/6 months
English Language Study Abroad Program, 11 months
Japanese Language Education Internship, 3 weeks
Ireland University of Limerick

Additional Programs

SEND (Student Exchange: Nippon Discovery)

 Before studying at one of our overseas partner universities, students first gain a fuller understanding of Japanese society, culture, and industry. They then go to an English or Chinese speaking country, where they are immersed in the language and culture.
While studying abroad, students are given opportunities to teach Japanese and introduce Japanese culture at local schools, etc. to gain keener intercultural insights. Upon returning home, they give presentations about their experiences and achievements at a Study-Abroad Completion Presentation, school festival, speech contest, international exchange event, and other occasions.

Photo: Japanese language education internship at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Internship Opportunities

 Students are encouraged to work as interns at multinational corporations in Japan as well as while they are studying overseas, so that they can apply the language skills they have gained and lay the groundwork for future career paths. Kyorin University provides students with internship opportunities in Malaysia as well as the chance to teach Japanese in New Zealand. Today over 120 Kyorin students work as interns at some 60 private corporations and government agencies across Japan.

Volunteering in Japan and Abroad

 The foundation of Kyorin University rests on an undying commitment to being compassionate and making the most of one's talents and abilities in the service to humanity. To nurture this spirit of service, students are encouraged to put their language skills to good use in volunteer work at the university's affiliated hospital, local community events, and tourist sites.