Language Education and Facilities

Simultaneous Interpretation Training Studio

 Fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and systems, the studio is used for simultaneous interpretation training in Japanese and Chinese, covering everything from theory to practice. Incorporating the simultaneous interpretation method and relevant automated systems into our language programs allows students to maximize both their native and target language abilities.
 Open to all students, including international and graduate students, the studio is frequently used for independent simultaneous interpretation training.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Lab

 The CALL Lab is a multimedia learning environment equipped with personal ICT (Information and Communications Technology) systems and media. Students can not only access materials immediately via the Internet but also make full use of resources designed to stimulate their visual and auditory senses with an eye forward learning Chinese and English. Unlike the traditional classroom lecture format, CALL allows students to customize the language instruction process with learning materials best suited to their exact level of understanding. The CALL Lab is used for small-group exercise-based classes, specialized courses, and other multifaceted classes befitting the age of ICT where voice recording and variable playback speed functions can be used to hone pronunciation and perform dictation exercises. On top of that the lab boasts an outstanding DVD library, e-learning tools, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more.

Chinese/English E-learning

 Kyorin provides a 24/7 language learning experience. Students can polish their linguistic skills wherever they are, at school, at home, away from home, or abroad. As long as they have an Internet connection, they can keep track of the material they have covered and how much work they have done to study systematically at their own pace. This enables students to study longer as well as make studying part of their daily routine. E-learning is also used in conjunction with traditional classroom instruction. Students are required to use e-learning for a specified period of time as homework. E-learning gives students an advantage in studying for the TOEIC® and Chinese language proficiency tests as well.
Since the university provides a school-wide online language learning environment, e-learning is an integral part of the academic landscape that is used in every field of study. English e-learning courses include not only general language programs but also medical English programs specially designed for students majoring in Medicine and Health Sciences.

Foreign Language Broadcasting

 The language salons, International Exchange Plaza, and Faculty of Foreign Studies in building (Building E) are equipped with large-screen TVs that continually stream foreign language news programs from the BBC, CNN, and CCTV (China's state-run TV network). This provides students with even more foreign language touchpoints in a real-world setting right here on campus.

Foreign Language Books

 Students can find a wide variety of books written in Chinese and English in the library and language salons. Reading about topics you are interested in is an enjoyable way to improve your language skills. That's one of the reasons why we have so many books spanning a wide range of genres, from movies to entertainment, anime, sports, and more. Students can borrow the books or read them while studying in the library or language salons.

Writing Center

 The Writing Center was opened as part of the Acceleration Program for University Education Rebuilding (AP). It is a wonderful learning facility where high-school students participating in the Acceleration Program can receive feedback on their written English from Kyorin University teachers who are native speakers of the language. Kyorin University students can also visit the Writing Center for tips on how to improve their writing from both teachers and trained peer tutors.
In addition to individual appointments, the Writing Center plans to hold small-group workshops on the fundamentals of academic writing.

Acceleration Program for University Education Rebuilding: Linking High Schools and University for Educating Trilingual Professionals (Website)