Language Salons

Chinese and English Salons

 The Chinese and English Salons are located on the second floor of Faculty of Medicine & Student center building (Building F). Chinese and English are the only languages spoken here. These are two places where students can flex their linguistic muscle or just enjoy exchanging ideas and chatting with native speakers. They are magnets of attraction for countless students from across all departments. Through daily interaction with instructors and international students who are native speakers of either Chinese or English, students learn cultural differences as well as customs and communicative behaviors, that will help them not only acquire international communication skills but also gain keen insights into a world of different cultures.
 The language salons are run by university faculty members who are all native speakers of either Chinese or English as well as international students from overseas partner universities. In addition to being a place where students can converse in their target language, they provide unique insights that help them acquire a second language in a more casual learning environment.


Chinese Salon

Hours/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
12:20 - 12:50

This timetable is applicable for 9/19-9/28.
Reservations are not required for the Chinese Salon.
Hours are subject to change. More information is posted in front of the Chinese Salon.

English Salon

Hours/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
10:40 - 12:10 - -
13:00 - 14:30 - -
14:40 - 16:10 -
16:20 - 17:50 - - - -

This timetable is applicable from 9/19.
Please bring your student ID card when you attend the English Salon. (Reservations are not required.)
Hours are subject to change. More information is posted in front of the English Salon.

Message from a Language Salon Tutor

Here's a message from an international student who has been tutoring at the Chinese Salon since The Spring 2016 semester.

「Messages from international students who formerly tutored at the Chinese Salon (Link to a Japanese webpage)」

Feedback from Salon Users

 I started going to the language salon because English is crucial to my chosen field. All the instructors are really nice and use language that is appropriate for your skill level so you can easily understand what they are saying. Their lessons are mixed with humor, so they're lots of fun.

 I hope to discover more opportunities to speak English on a daily basis so that I can build up the skills needed to study abroad. We study in mixed-age groups and I am inspired by the language abilities of the other students who have already studied abroad. I was nervous at first, but I started to enjoy the sessions after attending just a few and now I want to go all the time.