Support for Study Abroad Students

 At Kyorin University we believe students should have the chance to study abroad, and we go the extra mile to offer a wide range of international programs they can choose from. The university also offers scholarship programs and extensive support services to help students who want to study abroad.

Before Studying Abroad

Guidance and Assistance
The Center for International Exchange provides guidance and assistance for students wishing to study abroad.
Pre-Departure Orientation and Guidance
To help students prepare for their study abroad journey, the Center hosts orientation meetings to explain all about the university's international programs and offers advice on what they should do before embarking on their journey.
Pre-Departure Study
Students work on improving their language skills, developing their cultural literacy and knowledge, and identifying their goals for studying abroad before they leave. Students enrolled in the Oxford Learning Abroad Program may have an opportunity to attend classes given by instructors invited from the College of International Education (CIE), where they will study English.
Overseas Risk Management Guidance
The university provides all students who are going to study abroad with pre-departure guidance on how to stay safe and healthy during their overseas sojourn. Risk management sessions that include simulation training are offered twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.

Support while Studying Abroad

Ensuring Safety
Working hand in hand with its partner universities, and students' host families when necessary, Kyorin University boasts a 24/7 risk management system that enables it to respond to any emergency. In addition to sending staff to check up periodically on students who are studying abroad the university requires students to check in regularly via email. Kyorin also organizes chaperoned overseas study tours.
Career Guidance
To help students discover job opportunities after returning home, the university offers career-related online courses and seminars that they can take advantage of while they are still studying abroad.
Kyorin University Online Courses

After Returning Home

Post-Study-Abroad Presentation

After students have completed a study-abroad program, they are required to give a presentation in either Chinese or English for the purpose of evaluating their academic progress. Learning about the experiences of students who have studied abroad also encourages other students who have never studied abroad or who are thinking about studying abroad take that next step forward.

Career Guidance
Our Career Support Center provides individual counseling and information on job openings, primarily with private companies, where graduating students can put their international experience to use.

Study Abroad Credit Transfer

 We help students studying abroad to graduate in four years.
Since credits for courses taken as part of study abroad programs are fully transferrable depending on the length of the program and course contents, students can graduate in four years even after spending a year overseas.