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Campus Map

1.West Gate (Main Gate)

The West Gate faces Kichijoji Dori. The gate pillars are made of stylish red brick and the two opening gates form a beautiful arch between the pillars.

2.West Building (Building A), Faculty of Health Sciences

The West Building houses training and research facilities of departments such as the Department of Medical Technology and Department of Clinical Engineering, where various practical training and research are conducted.

3.East Building (Building B), Faculty of Health Sciences

The East Building houses training and research facilities for the Department of Health and Welfare, Department of Paramedics, Department of Medical Radiological Technology Department of Occupational Therapy, and Department of Physical Therapy. The MRI room is equipped with the very latest machinery and equipment.

4.Admissions Center First Floor, Main Building (Building C)

Various events to promote enrollment are held at the Admissions Center, such as open campus and as college fairs for prospective students. The Center serves as the place for inquiries about the process from application to admission.

5.Library 2nd to 4th floors, Main Building (Building C)
• There are three entrances on the 2nd floor.
• A study space suitable for group study is provided on the 2nd floor.
• The 3rd and 4th floors, where there are many seats for readers, is the most suitable place for individual study.
• There is a refreshments corner on each floor.
• The library is also open to the general public.

The library has about 170,000 books, 2,000 journal titles, 63,000 electronic journal titles, and 2,400 electronic book titles. The relaxing interior decoration and comfortable seating provide an ideal environment for lengthy studying.

6.Health Center 1st Floor, Building D

In addition to administering first aid for students who suffer an injury or become sick on campus, the Health Center provides health counseling. The April health checks are also conducted here.

7.PBL (Problem Based Learning) Classroom 2nd Floor, Building E

Themes provided by teaching staff are studied in groups. The classroom is designed so that students can learn based on their own initiative.

8.Cafeteria 1st Floor, Building F

The spacious cafeteria looks out over the campus plaza (courtyard). It offers a varied menu, including a daily special lunch and various noodle dishes.

Bookstore/Shop (Maruzen)1st Floor, Building F

The bookstore sells not only textbooks, specialist books and academic journals, but also general books and magazines. Stationery and daily necessities can also be purchased there.

9.International Exchange Center 2nd Floor, Building F

The International Exchange Center provides support for students wishing to study overseas, including the provision of programs for overseas study and training. On the same floor are an English-language salon and Chinese-language salon, a writing center and other language-learning facilities.

10.Training Room 5th Floor, Building F

All students can make use of equipment such as the abdominal and back muscle machines and punching machines in the Training Room. Clubrooms and music practice rooms are located on the same floor.

11.East Gate

Buses for the Kyorin University Inokashira Campus goes to the bus stop inside the East Gate. Buses to Mitaka Station and Kichijoji Station can be boarded at this bus stop.