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Campus Map,Hospital Map

1.Main Gate

This is the main gate of Mitaka Campus. The security staff ensure the safety of students, teaching staff and visitors who enter and leave the campus.

2.Faculty of Medicine Lecture Building

Students attend lectures in classrooms in this building over a period of six years. On the 1st floor is a cafeteria that can be used not only by students and teaching staff but also by visitors.

Establishment inside the building: Bunkodo Bookstore

3.Matsuda Memorial Building(Gymnasium/club rooms)

In addition to club activities, various events such as matriculation and commencement ceremony are held in this building.

4.Medical Library

The library has about 230,000 books, 3,300 journal titles, 63,000 electronic journal titles, and 2,400 electronic book titles, providing document search and other meticulous services. Materials at the Inokashira Campus library can also be used.
・PCs for Library Users

The library is equipped with 24 personal computers for searching documents and preparing reports.

・Database Search

Databases such as Ichushi Web (JAMAS website), Web of Science, CINAHL, and CiNiic can be accessed from PCs in the library and on campus. Ichushi Web can also be accessed from outside the campus using the library portal.

5.Medical Document Information Center Main Building

The core administrative divisions of the university are housed in this building. An 11-storey clock tower, together with the hospital’s Outpatient Building, it is one of the symbols of Mitaka Campus.

6.Basic Medical Research Building/Clinical Medical Research Building

Various kinds of practical training in the Faculty of Medicine are conducted in these two buildings. Graduate students also use them for their daily research.

7.Nursing and Medical Education Research Building

This building is used for lectures of the Department of Nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences and courses of the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies. It is also used for practical training of Nursing School students.

University Hospital attached to Faculty of Medicine

A: Outpatient Building

The Outpatient Building, with ten floors above ground and two basement floors, contains more than 20 medical departments. Concerts are also held inside the hospital in the 1st-floor lobby.

Establishments inside the building:Garden Terrace Hibiya Matsumotoro, Café De Repos

G: Trauma and Critical Care Center

Trauma and Critical Care Center plays a vital role as the core medical center for acute medicine in the Tama district of western Tokyo. For medical students, it is a precious place for clinical education and research.

H: Surgical Wards

With eight floors above ground and two basement floors, the Surgery Building is a medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment focusing mainly on surgical care.

I:Heliport and Building No. 3

This facility responds to emergency patients and perinatal mothers from all over Japan and sometimes from overseas.

It is also equipped to provide emergency care as a disaster-response base in the event of a large-scale natural disaster.

Building No.3 is mainly for the ward internal medicine.