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Faculty of Foreign Studies

The Kyorin University Concept of Foreign Studies

As the Faculty of Foreign Studies, our top priority is to help students acquire strong language skills. The faculty places special emphasis on English and Chinese, as they are the two most widely used languages. We firmly believe that their mastery will provide students with highly marketable skills. A good command of foreign language is however, not a goal, but a means to create successful international opportunities. The Faculty of Foreign Studies aims to nurture students who embody this philosophy: those who take advantage of their language skills to progress in business or education, as well as those whose nuanced understanding of language leads them to excel in hospitality-related service fields. In addition to language ability, the faculty considers the understanding of Japan and Japanese culture an essential element of successful cross-cultural communication.

Department of English

The first and second year students are required to complete a series of thorough and intensive courses for acquiring practical English abilities before choosing specialized programs. In their third year, students may choose a concentration in either Business Communication in English or the Teaching of English, each one specifically tailored to meet the students’ respective career goals. The English Department at Kyorin University aims to cultivate students with both the English communication skills necessary in the field of international business, as well as specialized knowledge required by society.

Business Communication in English Course

This concentration is designed to equip students with a high level of English communicative ability as well as the specialized skills indispensable in international business settings. The curriculum addresses a wide range of skills, from a practical focus on real business situations to developing and sharpening well-balanced global perspectives.

Teaching of English Course

This concentration covers a wide spectrum of subjects related to the teaching of English. The curriculum aims to nurture English teachers who are both capable and responsive to students of all generations. Our goal is to promote enthusiastic, professional teachers who are competent in the practical use of English and eager to keep up with developments in the field of English education.

Department of Chinese Communication

This department is designed to develop professionals in Chinese and Japanese communication. As one of the faculty’s original programs, the Department of Chinese Communication has benefited from experienced and enthusiastic faculty members, and continues to produce graduates who are successful in international business, as well as professional interpreting and translation.

Japanese-Chinese Interpretation/Translation Program
‘The Beginner Course’and‘The Experienced Learners Course’

This program offers two courses, one for beginners and another for students with extensive experience with the Chinese language. As Chinese study can be combined with intensive training and a study-abroad program, even novice learners can be expected to make significant progress during the course. For individuals with substantial understanding of Chinese, the Japanese-Chinese Interpretation/Translation Program offers advanced subjects available from the first year of study, which enables those students to begin designing their careers from an early stage.

Department of Hospitality and Tourism

The programs in the Hospitality and Tourism Department provide students with the essential knowledge and skills to nurture professionals in the field of tourism and culture studies. These abilities include proficiency in foreign languages, philosophy of hospitality, and specialization in hospitality and tourism. The support structure by expert staff and practitioners in hotel and airline industries helps students pursue relevant employment and obtain certifications.

Program of Hospitality and Business

This program is designed to educate students who wish to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, ultimately seeking employment in organizations such as airlines, hotels and restaurants where hospitality is an important factor for customer satisfaction.

Program for Creating Tourism

The Program for Creating Tourism is constructed to educate students who wish to pursue a future in the travel industry or public administration. Students will gain the ability to create new tourism opportunities and participate in regional rejuvenation activities.

Program of Culture and Tourism Studies

This program is for students who are interested in ‘new culture’ creation. Through international exchange programs, volunteer work, tourism and industry, cultures thrive and change, and new cultures emerge. The courses will prepare the students to understand these issues and put them into practice.