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The Kyorin Concept of Social Science Education

The increasingly complex and interconnected problems facing humanity today cannot be solved simply by applying the knowledge and principles of a single discipline in isolation. They demand a multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach that integrates such diverse fields as politics, economics, business management, law, public administration, international affairs, the environment, and social welfare.

In the Faculty of Social Sciences, we believe that the best way to acquire the basic problem-solving ability required to meet these challenges is to cultivate a comprehensive, multidimensional understanding of society together with the insight to form one’s own judgments. This is not something one acquires through immersion in a single field of study. Building on a broad multidisciplinary foundation, students in the Faculty of Social Sciences develop the knowledge and skills they will need to function effectively in the real world. This practical emphasis intensifies in the second year, when each student enrolls in a seminar and embarks on a study plan tailored to his or her chosen career.

In particular, students who enroll in the GCP (Global Career Program) will benefit not only from intensive English study, but also from overseas study opportunities and from specialized courses held in English. In this way they will develop greater English skills and understanding of different cultures in order to cultivate the wisdom and insight that they can put to use in the global business world.

GCP(Global Career Program)


Department of Policy Studies

In the Department of Policy Studies, students approach issues from a global public-policy perspective. They begin by learning about the various systems that make up human society. From there, they gradually acquire the knowledge, understanding, and thinking skills to identify the issues and problems and work toward their resolution.

Politics Course

Students will learn about managing social choices and group decision-making in a world of conflicting social values and opinions.

Economics Course

Students will learn about understanding the mechanism of markets and their inter-reliance as well as their role in governance.

Law Course

Students will learn about laws as an outline for society, including their contents, their interpretation and their application.

International Politics and Economics Course

Students will learn about international politics that involve Japan for a variety of international affairs, history and theory.

Environment and Social Welfare Course

Students will learn about interpreting and solving problems that concern environmental problems and welfare policy at a variety of levels.

Department of Business Administration

In the Department of Business Administration, students learn to approach issues from a business standpoint, developing the knowledge and planning skills to meet concrete business challenges. We nurture business experts with a broad perspective and deep understanding built on a sound knowledge of commerce and management.

Strategic Management Course

Students will learn about the general and systematic principles of business management as well as its strategies.

Accounting Course

Students will learn about accounting and how it helps to define business activity from the viewpoint of monetary conditions including financial assets and their management.