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項目名 内容
教員名 Iain Lambert
教員名フリガナ イアン ランバート
職名 教授
所属 英語学科
担当科目(学部) 目的別英語演習、Global Issues、英語文献購読、Integrated English、英語学特論、地域園研究、ゼミナール・卒業論文指導
研究テーマ Applied Linguistics, Scottish and (other) Post-Colonial Literature
略歴 MA (Honours) Greek Studies (University of Edinburgh), RSA Diploma (DipTEFLA), MA Applied Linguistics/ ELT (University of Nottingham).

Before joining Kyorin University I taught at International Christian University, Tokyo Denki University and The British Council.
主要研究業績 World Englishes and the teaching of literature(s) in Bolton, K. (Ed) The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of World Englishes Forthcoming (2022)

“標準語励行の唄 - 大工哲弘 Hyojungo Reikou no Uta (“Stick to Standard Japanese” Song) - Daiku Tetsuhiro” forthcoming in Wong, S., Romney, M., Tu, T., and Mattson, J. (Eds.) Freedom Songs: A Resource by Teachers for Teachers. Fairfax, VA. Mason Publishing. Forthcoming (2022)

““Some kind of Scotch-American”: Heritage Tourism and idealized ‘authenticity’ in James Kelman’s Dirt Road” Kyorin University Review 34: 49-60, March 2022

““And ye go these places”: navigating the land and its people in James Kelman’s Dirt Road” Kyorin University Review 32: 75-88, March 2020

““Make you see am now”: Japanese, bilingual, and English as Mother Tongue reading strategies when dealing with non-standard varieties of English” Kyorin University Review 31: 95-120, March 2019

'How Japanese learners approach non-standard English texts' Kyorin Journal of Arts and Sciences Volume 35: 55-72, February 2018

'Nonstandard English and Experimental Language in Nigerian Literature' Kyorin University Review 28: 31-51, December 2015

'Engaging learner creativity through non-standard language in Literature' in Matsuda & Suwannamai (eds), Teaching English as an international language: Principles and Practices, Multilingual Matters, 2012.

Nonstandard English forms and intertextuality in recent works by Nigerian writers in English living abroad. Language & Literature 20.4 283-294, 2011.

'This is not sarcasm believe me yours sincerely: James Kelman Ken Saro-Wiwa and Amos Tutuola', in Gardiner, MacDonald, O'Gallacher (eds) Scottish Literature and Postcolonial Literature: Comparative Texts and Critical Perspectives, Edinburgh University Press, 2011.

Review of ‘Claiming Your Portion of Space’ by J. D. Macarthur (Hokuseido), International Journal of Scottish Literature Issue 5, Autumn/Winter 2009

Assessing Oral Communication: Poster Presentations Language Research Bulletin of International Christian University, Volume 23, 2008

Representing Maori speech in Alan Duff’s ‘Once Were Warriors’ Language and Literature 17.2 155-165, 2008
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ひとことメッセージ Try to strike a good balance between work, study and other interests. University is about more than academic study, so please use this time to explore as many of your interests as possible. Being at University gave me the chance to meet people from very different backgrounds and also taught me a lot about being self-sufficient. I hope you get as much out of your time at Kyorin as I did from my years at Edinburgh.