Faculty of Foreign StudiesBecoming fluent: When can I start using English?

キーワード English fluency
講師 ジャッキー・トルケン

The answer is NOW. Right now you can speak, listen, read and write, even if it's just a little bit. Memorizing vocabulary lists and learning grammar rules is good, but these things will never make you a fluent user of English. To become fluent, you need to actually use the language you have learned. Let's give it a try!

First, we will do a few minutes of writing about any topic you like. Then we'll practice speaking about the same topic we just wrote about, so the ideas are fresh in your mind. Next, we'll see how fast we can read. Don't worry, we'll read something easy so you will for sure know all the words. The idea is to see how fast you can read (and of course still understand) the story. And lastly, we'll listen to a story in small chunks and talk about it in groups.

That's it. You did it, you wrote and spoke and read and listened in English. If you keep doing this, your fluency will get better and better. So, you don't need to, and shouldn't, wait to start using all of that vocabulary and grammar you've learned.