Faculty of Health Sciences教員紹介

項目名 内容
教員名 Dhashaka Sivasuriam
フリガナ ダシャカ・シヴァスリアム
NAME Dhashaka Sivasuriam
職 位 講師
研究テーマ・分野 Effective English Communication with foreign medical professionals and patients.
担当科目(学部) 英語I、医学英語
兼務・兼担 医学英語(医学部)
略 歴 1990 Graduated from North Colombo Medical College, Srilanka as a Medical Doctor.
!991-2000. Worked at Colombo General teaching Hospital as an Anesthesiologist and Specialized in Neuro Surgical Anesthesia. Obtained Diploma in Anesthesiology from the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, Srilanka.
2001-2011. Medical English teacher at Okayama Medical School, Kawasaki Medical school and Kokuritsu Hospital, Okayama, Japan.
2011-2014. Medical and General English instructor at Berlitz, Japan.
2014- to date. Assistant Professor in Medical English at Kyorin university. Inokashira and Mitaka campuses.
所有する資格 Medical Doctor( M.D )
主要研究業績 公開準備中
居室・研究室 井の頭キャンパスA棟4階402号室
オフィスアワー 火曜〜金曜日の12時から13時
学生・受験生へのメッセージ When time permits, I hold free conversation sessions for teachers of Kyorin University. Please contact me for details. The dates may vary according to my schedule.